Out of box agile tool
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'Out of Box'

agile tool

Consumer product testing is key to innovation or when making ingredient or manufacturing changes. However, sensory research is often out of reach for small to medium sized (SME) businesses or brands with small budgets. We’ve reached out to our SME clients and their response was uniform – how can we provide a fast, accurate and cost-effective tool for consumer sensory feedback?
In response, we’ve reimagined a new approach to product research by combining our sensory expertise with new technology. We’ve created ‘Out Of Box’, an agile tool that combines feedback from real-life evaluations and captured in real-time dashboards.
Products are sent to target consumers to trial at home and to use in their usual manner. They’re sent a link to provide feedback and we capture results live from the first day of fieldwork. We can flex to meet our clients’ budgets and reporting requirements.
This tool not only benefits our clients, but it also aligns with our purpose. We help to create a more sustainable world through successful NPD and innovation, thereby reducing product and resource waste.
Contact us for more information and how we can together reimagine successful NPD.