Our sustainability journey

Our sustainability journey so far...

Here at IMAGINE Research, our purpose is to help to create a more sustainable world through successful NPD and innovation, thereby reducing product and resource waste.

We know the investment and resource required for NPD are significant. If sales are not maximised through strong consumer interest, there is substantial loss of return and resource e.g. packaging and raw material write off, low/negative margin, price discounting, as well as impacting relationships with customers.

The more proven a product, the greater the likelihood of success. By taking on the feedback from target consumers, we help to maximise success and minimise waste.

While supporting our clients to minimise their impact, we also needed to do the same.

During the development of our new agile in-home product testing methodology, IMAGINE Out-of-Box, we had to make sure we were minimising our impact too. A key focus was on how we could ensure product quality and integrity during transport to participants’ homes.

Keeping cold products cold!

Gone are the days of poly-boxes for sending cold items! We’ve discovered wool liners are a fabulous insulator and not only are they environmentally friendly, there are also lots of ways to reuse them!

From lining hanging baskets, weed-matting in gardens or chopping it up and mixing it into the compost for a great source of slow-release nitrogen.

Our team at IMAGINE Research have been sprucing up our gardens to inspire our panellists to reuse their packaging.

The creation of the IMAGINE “Courier Service”!

We usually have a limited number of trial products, so we have to ensure that every single product is delivered safely and minimising product loss.

Courier delays are inevitable and out of our control, so we’ve taken it into our own hands – if timings are tight or the product is perishable, the IMAGINE team delivers products themselves. Not only are we reducing product loss, we’re also able to speed up fieldwork, giving our clients the results they need faster!

Anna Cullum