NPD Optimisation
End to end NPD optimisation. We work with our clients to optimise the complete product bundle for NPD success. Get in touch with our NPD specialists now!
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New product development optimisation

We work with some of New Zealand’s leading companies to optimise their complete product bundle and ensure NPD success. We look at key touchpoints that consumers interact with as part of the total product bundle and then produce insights to help you improve your NPD strategy.

Our team will provide you with direction on comms, products, claims, and packaging to ensure they meet and exceed consumer needs. In doing so, we help optimise the full experience and ensure that all elements are in harmony to ensure a successful product launch.

New product development

New product development (NPD) is the process of bringing new product concepts to market to meet the needs of consumers. We have worked with some of New Zealand’s leading FMCG companies to help develop, refine, and launch highly successful new products. To boost the success of your new products, we undertake extensive research to determine what your target customers want, then give you actionable insights that you can use to optimise your new products before bringing them to market.

NPD in marketing

When launching a new product, you must develop a corresponding marketing strategy to best position your product in the market. Our team undertakes extensive research into your target buyers to uncover what motivates them to make a purchase so you can then use our findings to develop marketing and comms strategies that best reach these buyers.

Product development

Product development is essential when bringing new products to market or renovating existing products to boost their market share. As product development specialists, we can help streamline the development process so you avoid costly mistakes. We engage with your target audience to identify ideas and products that have potential, and how we can make them bigger and more successful. We take traditional techniques and apply neuroscience and motivational research, to pinpoint the opportunities that will drive business growth.

Product development strategy

To successfully develop a new product, you need to have a well-considered NPD strategy. This will ensure you save time, money, and resources that can better be used elsewhere. A good strategy will involve extensive consumer research so you can understand their needs, motivations, and expectations. You can then use those findings to refine your go-to-market strategy to ensure your new product has the best chance of success.

Product renovation

Product renovation is an alternative to starting from scratch when launching new products. You can take an existing product, extensively research its current position in the market, and then make changes to boost sales and market share. This can result in significant cost savings and when done well will not deter existing customers from remaining loyal buyers of your product. Product renovation particularly makes sense when your goal is to boost the market share of existing products instead of launching new variations of your product within the market.

Product launch

Launching a new product into the market is a significant undertaking. To get the best results and to avoid wasting precious company resources, you must have and follow an in-depth product development strategy. We will ensure your new product development strategy is optimised to make sure significant research has been undertaken and incorporated into your product before it is brought to market. When your product is ready we can help implement a product launch strategy that will give your product the best chance of success.

FMCG product launch

Our team has extensive experience in the specific challenges of launching a new FMCG product. This requires significant investment and planning before pressing the go button. Working with our team will make sure all the boxes are ticked at every stage of the development process to ensure a successful product launch.
To optimise your new product development…