Frequently Asked Questions

Focus Groups FAQ's

Below are our most frequently asked questions about IMAGINE and our panel. Please have a read through and if you can’t find your answer then please contact us, our details are on our contact page!

Q. When will I be contacted to participate in a project?
A. IMAGINE is a project-based company, therefore we do not have definite projects scheduled throughout the year. When a project pops up, we will send out a screener email (so keep an eye out and make sure we’re not in your junk mail!). When you complete the screener, our recruiter will get in touch with you to ask you a few more questions if you qualify.

Q. I always complete the screener emails but I never hear back?
A. Unfortunately, usually due to time constraints, we cannot respond to everyone who has completed a screener survey. If you have not been contacted from us after completing a survey, please assume you have not qualified for that project. We do appreciate your response but due to certain criteria, we are not able to recruit everyone who responds to our screener surveys, however, we do look forward to having you participate in future projects so please keep completing them!

Q. I haven’t heard from you guys in a while…am I on your database?
A. Yes, you will be on our database if you have signed up to our panel but if in doubt, please contact us and check, we’re always happy to hear from you! Our lack of contact may be due to a few different reasons:
1. You may not be who we are looking for with the particular project we’re working on
2. We don’t have a project on for the time being, or
3. Our emails may be going into your junk folder so please check!

Q. I have a friend/family member who would like to join IMAGINE! What should I do next?
A. Great! Please tell them to join on this website by clicking the “Our Panel” tab and completing the sign-up form. It will ensure that we have all the information we need from them to send them surveys.

Q. My contact details have changed, how do I update them?
A. Please email us with your changes and we will take care of it! (You can find our details on our Contact Us page)