Case Studies
Curious how our ideas created growth? Our case studies can help you learn more about the different projects we've worked on.
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Our case studies

How ideas created growth

It’s easy to say we take brands and products to new heights, but the proof is always in the results – be it growth or analysing why. To find out more about how we’ve achieved this for our clients, take a look at these case studies below. If you’d like more examples of our work, please contact us.

Moana Ready-to-Eat Meals

The situation:

Moana New Zealand identified Ready-to-Eat meals as a potential new opportunity for the business. When it came to developing the meals and packaging, they realised the importance of being insights led, to ensure that the meals would appeal to consumers across all key touchpoints.

Our approach:

Imagine Research implemented an iterative design-led thinking approach. It started with a qualitative exploratory stage to understand the category and how, if at all, Moana could respond to consumers’ unmet needs and grow the category. This was followed by a series of sensory quantitative agile loops of ‘learn-refine-measure’. Through these loops, Imagine provided Moana with guidance on the product development, the pack design, which elements to call-out on pack and feedback on pricing.

The result is a range of delicious RTE meals, showcasing local kaimoana and ingredients.

When connections work harder

Meadow Fresh Greek Yoghurt

The situation:

Our client identified the potential for an authentic Greek yoghurt, following the success of the segment internationally. However, it was unclear whether NZ consumers would like the thick consistency and would pay a price premium for a smaller pack. We were tasked with evaluating the entire customer purchase decision process for this category.

Our approach:

To further understand the consumer purchase decision for Greek yoghurt, we ran both a central location test to determine the optimal diagnostics for the range and supplemented it with an in-home use test. This provided more information on how the products performed across a range of occasions and reactions from other family members.

We provided guidance on optimising the complete go-to-market bundle – the sensory delivery for each variant, the range of flavours to launch, optimal pricing, the most appealing packaging and the preferred sub-brand name.

Since its launch, it has exceeded the business case and is now a leader in the Greek yoghurt segment.
Artisan Garlic Aioli - Imagine Research Case Study

Where thinking innovates

Simply Salty Snacks

The situation:

There is a growing consumer segment that are wanting to buy and consume products that are more natural and less processed. Our Australian based client recognised the growing trend and saw an opportunity to launch better-for-you salty snacks. However, while consumers might like the idea of potato and corn chips made with simple and clean ingredients, we know that taste trumps everything. It was imperative that the range delivered a delicious taste sensation in order to succeed.

Our approach:

We ran a central location test (CLT) in Sydney to determine whether the offering was compelling and to provide direction on the go-to-market bundle. We identified the optimal flavour range, some recipe modifications to enhance its appeal, as well as the key call-outs for front and back of pack that were most compelling to consumers.

The result is the Simply range – reimagining the salty snacks category.