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Protein's exciting move into new categories

We’ve named this post “trend of the month”, but when it comes to protein it’s the trend of the decade. This macronutrient can do no wrong and is set to be the nutrition trend above all others. Protein hasn’t had the gripes that fat, sugar, salt and carbs have received over the years, deeming protein as a key ingredient to call out, play up, and drive growth. While there has been strong interest in plant-based protein, animal protein continues to drive most of the volume and sales growth. The below chart shows that regardless of protein source, there is strong interest in protein worldwide.

Source: Google Trends

Irrespective of the protein source, the motivations for consumers choosing protein are the same:
  • Weight wellness
  • Build / preserve muscle mass
  • Reduce carb intake
  • Convenience
  • Sports performance

Here are three recent NPD launches that demonstrate protein’s move into new occasions and categories:

1. Peckish – Snackable Eggs
Each pack has two Certified Humane, hard boiled and peeled Free Range eggs, paired with a dip. Peckish believes that eggs are the unsung heroes of the protein world and have created an offering that is convenient, without compromising on nutrition or taste. The crispy dip comes in a range of flavours including Ranch, Everything (think the sprinkles on top of bagels) and Salt & Pepitas.

2. Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps
An innovative take on the humble wrap, replaces carbs with protein in the form of a cheese wrap. This demonstrates that protein is not just showing up in snack foods, but also in traditional carb dominant products.

3. Franklin Farms
Franklin Farms are known for their plant-based products, and these offerings extend them into breakfast. The traditional cooked breakfast is given a plant-based spin.
Anna Cullum