We are a highly experienced market research company that can bring clarity, innovation, focus and growth to project design & research analysis. Get in touch!
research analysis, FMCG and NPD research specialists, product sensory evaluation research in New Zealand and Australia.
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Be on the winning side of business. IMAGINE is the highly experienced market research company that'll get, and keep, you there.

IMAGINE is a team of highly experienced FMCG and NPD market research specialists with a unique understanding of clients, consumers and concept evolution that will keep you on the winning side. We are a leading provider of product sensory evaluation research in New Zealand and Australia. Our team have more than 25 years of consumer sensory research experience and we specialise in consumer connections, which allow you to engage, refocus and maximise potential for your brand and products. IMAGINE brings clarity, innovation, focus and growth to project design and research analysis.

'Out of Box' agile tool

Sensory evaluation

Concept screening

NPD optimisation

Product renovations

Qualitative research

Our approach is

beyond Traditional


We believe in the importance of context when evaluating ideas and products. Decision making is a complex mix of factors. Most research places emphasis on a top 2 box purchase intent score that everyone knows over inflates trial. At IMAGINE we factor in the latest practical and academic thinking to better understand and predict decision making:
Going beyond the predictable allows us to pinpoint opportunities that will drive business growth.
In addition to full service research, we develop bespoke approaches and unique ways to interact with target consumers.
Imagine Research Matrix - Our approach